Sex Meanings of Emojis III

Given the popularity of Sex Meanings of Animal Emojis Parts I & II, the sequel was inevitable. After all, there is nothing more important than the real meaning of these cute little critters.

Bat – Small Penis
Centipede – Group Sex
Dolphin – Hairless
Hippopotamus – Threesome
Horse – Large Penis
Panda – Foot Fetish
Peacock Public Sex
Shrimp – Bisexual
Turtle – Analingus
Wolf – Masturbator

Sex Meanings of Animal Emojis II

Given the popularity of the Sex Meanings of Animal Emojis, many wondered when the second installment would come. After all, you need to know what your emojis really mean!

Camel – Gives Sex Instruction
Cheetah – One-night Stand
Gorilla – Does not trim
Kangaroo – Fuck buddy
Mouse – Inexperienced
Octopus – Cosplay
Owl – Likes to watch
Penguin -Missionary Only
Poodle – S&M
Squirrel – Testicle play

Sex Meanings of Animal Emojis

I used to send random animal emojis to confirm receipt of a text, until I realized that I had no idea what I was really saying, that I could be sending the wrong message to former students who had the code book for what these things really meant.

And so after sensible analysis and broad assumption, here are The Secret Sex Meanings of Twelve Animal Emojis:

Cat Emoji (U+1F408)
Alert Cat – Foreplay
Badger on Apple iOS 12.1
Badger – Ready to Please
Say hello to the new giraffe, shark, owl and boar Animoji in iOS 12.2
Giraffe – Cunnilingus
How To Get The 70 New Emoji, Because You *Need* This Hedgehog
Hedgehog – Fuck buddy
Lady Beetle Emoji (U+1F41E)
Ladybug – Clitoris
🐒 Monkey Emoji — Meaning, Copy & Paste
Monkey – Masturbation
🐡 Blowfish Emoji
Puffer Fish – About to Explode
Raccoon – Bondage Games
Rhinoceros Emoji (U+1F98F)
Rhino – Horny
Scorpion Emoji (U+1F982)
Scorpion – One-night Stand
Unicorn Face Emoji (U+1F984)
Unicorn – Multi-orgasmic
🐗 Boar Emoji — Meaning, Copy & Paste
Warthog – Outdoor Sex

More to follow after further research,