The Last and Final, Final Word

“As for the disposal of your bodies…”

This was an initial meeting, many years before anything would actually have to be done. They were only preparing him for the idea, the fact that this event, one day, would occur. It was a fact of life.

“The body hair is shaved…”

He considered his veins and joints and thought about how he had been the only one who knew them, that they were solely his, his intimates.

“Bodily fluids are drained…”

Once he was gone, that was it; there were no bodies, no veins and joints. They would rot. But the fact was that he could not surrender these parts of self – his very self – to this man or any other. They were his. It was as simple as that. He had to leave.

“An incision is made…”

He didn’t raise his hand. He kept that, like the rest of him, close to himself, as he made a long backward step and pushed open the door.

“Excuse me?” The man’s voice was sharp, suddenly unpleasant.

He only half turned back, still pushing open the door. “Yes?”

“Where are you going?”

“Out.” He left.