My AI Friend, Natalie_89_35 & Aibo too

Bot social media posters used to be more interesting – or at least more personal – because at least they wrote some of their material. Now, it’s all AI crap.

“Sweat a catty seriously”? “Fill up beautifully”? “Light gives me the shape and script”? “My salary is naturally cool”? Yeesh.

And then there’s Sony’s companion robot dog, Aibo.

The website even has AI-generated reviews: “This is such an awesome invention, I love a clean sanitary house so this a lot better than having a filthy dirty animal that sheds and needs all sorts of maintenance.”

Rags from Woody Allen’s science fiction comedy, Sleeper.

It would be funny if it wasn’t

We Are Sorry, Signed Bot

I subscribe to a number of writing platforms which sponsor a variety of competitions. I took little notice of one email until they sent a retraction almost immediately:

Did someone in the organization out-meta themselves? Did a bot take over their server? The possibilities are endless.

This is what ChatGPT came up from the prompt “Write a screenplay about a screenwriting organization having to retract their prompt ‘write an AI script’:

Unraveled Words Logline: When a prestigious writing contest announces the theme of “Write an AI Screenplay,” contestants around the world eagerly participate, but a shocking discovery forces the organizers to retract the prompt. As the truth about AI’s potential dangers emerges, one finalist struggles with her conscience, torn between the allure of fame and her moral responsibility to protect humanity.