My AI Friend, Natalie_89_35 & Aibo too

Bot social media posters used to be more interesting – or at least more personal – because at least they wrote some of their material. Now, it’s all AI crap.

“Sweat a catty seriously”? “Fill up beautifully”? “Light gives me the shape and script”? “My salary is naturally cool”? Yeesh.

And then there’s Sony’s companion robot dog, Aibo.

The website even has AI-generated reviews: “This is such an awesome invention, I love a clean sanitary house so this a lot better than having a filthy dirty animal that sheds and needs all sorts of maintenance.”

Rags from Woody Allen’s science fiction comedy, Sleeper.

It would be funny if it wasn’t

Wait for What?!? What Am I Waiting For?!?

Watch and wait until end of reels. Why exactly?

The truth is that it is not worth the wait. Except that I always seem to scroll to another asking me to wait for it. Again.

Well, these might be a little more predictable. A little scary though how they all fall in line.

But it is an endless looping thing. And I need to sleep. Oh, by the way, I am writing Anori again. Draft nine, ten or eleven, something like that. My next blog is on that. Wait for it!

Writing Process: Lingering in the Moment

As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t engage well with fiction that verges on therapy, where the voice is exhaustingly self-centered. Even if the work conveys immediacy or suggests raw documentation, this too often comes across as tedious, much like the bastardized fictions that are sprouting on TikTok and Insta, the faux confessional of the “look-at-me” generation.

I’m much more intrigued in the crafting of narrative, where the story moves forward and characters express. “You must remember to paint the walls”, my workshop leader reminded me. “Linger in the moment. Allow your reader to look around.”

Ausable Canyon, New York

I was actually stunned by her comments. How wasn’t I doing that? As my work tends toward the cinematic – dialogue and visuals – I thought I was already doing this. However my perspective does tend to race from start to finish. Linger? No, I didn’t really do that. Explore the interiority of Dee Sinclair. That was the thing. Picture and paint, so that I can draw the reader in to believe in going to another planet.