The Genius of Failure (or Vice Versa)

I can see it clearly: the musty one-bedroom apartment, two floors up, a view of the parking lot out back. There’s a hotplate, mini-fridge, cabinet full of booze, an old wooden frame bed and a handicap accessible bathroom. I’ve seen it many times, and I will be there soon enough.

And I can see this: the back of a limousine, window half down, the warm desert air shuffling in as it begins to get light. There’s a band of pink strip lighting, mini-fridge, cabinet full of booze and a young woman curled up across from me.

The thing is that they’re same thing, just at different speeds.

How People Search To Here

WordPress provides me with the search engine terms people use to find my site. Some of the phrases are less predictable:


hundred dollar bills

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bansky bubble letter nyc

blue film screenshot

bouncing on each other20140204_184943Other terms are a little more predictable:


voyeur at water park girls

jill janus bad

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Screenshot (352)titanic orgy

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